Rubber Introduction

Currently rubber has been widely applied in the fields of military, chemical industry, transportation, culture and education, etc. For example, rubbers are pasted on the Ping Pang racket, so that much friction could be generated this way. However, rubbers used in different industries have different characteristics, strengths and defects. All in all, rubber could be classified into the following categories.

1. Natural rubber is one of the most important rubbers and it is also the most adaptable universal rubber. It is made from latex, so that it is with high strength and good performance. However, the anti-oil performance of natural rubber is much inferior. Rain shoes that we wear, gloves used by surgeons are both made from natural rubber. Though there are many natural rubbers, the classification of synthetic rubber is quite varied. 

2. SBR rubber is the most common universal synthetic rubber. It is similar to natural rubber and it could be used together with natural rubber and other synthetic rubbers. Sbr Rubber Sheet is widely used in the fields of tires, hoses, wires and cables, etc. It is wearable, anti-aging and it is characterized by wonderful extension. Nbr Rubber Sheet is a polymer and it is endowed with wonderful anti-oil performance, so that it is mainly used to produce some anti-oil products such as sealing products. However, the electrical insulating performance of it is a little bit inferior, so that consumers need to pay much attention to it. 

3. EPDM rubber is also synthetic and it is mainly composed of ethylene and propylene. It is relatively cheap, however, the chemical stability of it is superior. It is now applied in many fields. Some wires and cables, sneakers and tires are made from Epdm Rubber Sheet. The transportation belt and wrapping materials of wires and cables are usually made from Cr Rubber Sheet. It has wonderful strength and anti-heat, anti-light performance. Besides, the anti-water performance of it is also wonderful. However, it is not so stable when it is kept as raw rubber. Different kinds of rubbers do have different strengths and defects, so that they could be applied in different fields. Therefore, it is quite crucial to know characteristics of each kind of rubber. It is quite common to see rubbers of various kinds to be aging, and such aging rubbers would not be of high value, so that it is quite important to know some protective methods.