Rubber is a word

Rubber has the following properties:

High elasticity of prominent, manifested as a high elongation. Pure natural glue can be stretched to the original 800% long and continuous; the smaller elastic modulus, stress generated in the extension of 100% when only a few hundred Newtons per square centimeter; permanent deformation remain small in the course of accumulation, is not in the repeated stress recovery is minimal. The good wear resistance, high coefficient of friction and corrosion resistance, some varieties such as Ding Jingjiao, fluorine rubber is also resistant to oil. Moreover, rubber has electrical insulation, vibration and air tight properties. Drawback is the poor thermal conductivity, no heat and not easy to machining etc.

Rubber or elastomer. Rubber is a word, comes from the Indian word cau-uchu, meaning "tears of the tree". The main raw material for the production of rubber, natural rubber, natural rubber is the outflow from Hevea brasiliensis tapping latex when the solidification and dried and prepared for. In 1770 the British chemist J. Priestley found that the rubber can be used to erase pencil marks. When will the application materials known as rubber, this word is still in use.