Rubbers Make Life More Environmental

The rubber sheets above are relatively typical, which make the life and production of people easy. Moreover, Br rubber, Ir rubber, silicon rubber and Epdm rubber are all the common kinds for application. Especially silicon rubber, it can resist both high and low temperature and is of excellent electrical insulating property. It is of good stability for thermal oxidation and big chemical inertness. Thus, it is always for producing the rubber pipe and sealing element of resisting high and low temperature and the wire and cable insulation layer of resisting high temperature. Silicon rubber is used for food and medical industry as well, for it is non-toxic and odorless.

Rubber is a kind of polymer compound of high flexibility and it is the material of elasticity, insulativity, water proofing and air proofing by processing the latex extracted from rubber tree and kok-saghyz.

Recently rubber sheet has been one of the most widely used applications of rubber, which is the sheeted product made by vulcanization of rubber, fabric and metal sheet. With the increasing exploration by human being, no matter rubber or rubber sheet, it has many kinds for people to choose. Based on various kinds of rubber, the rubber sheet made by different rubber brings much convenience for people in many fields.

Cr rubber is a kind of synthetic rubber, which is the polymer made by monomer emulsion chloroprene. It is good at resisting oxygen and ozone and it is non-flammable and even if it is firing, it can be self-extinguishing as well. It resists oil, solvent, acid, alkali and ageing. Cr rubber sheet which is made of this kind of rubber can resist abrasion, heat and chemical.

Sbr rubber is the interpolymer of butadiene and styrene and it is the general-purposed synthetic rubber of the largest output. Sbr rubber sheet made of this kind of rubber can resist the polar solvent of keton and ester.

Nbr rubber is the interpolymer of butadiene and acrylonitrile and it can resist gasoline and fat hydrocarbon oil and it is of excellent bond force. Nbr rubber sheet made of this rubber is very good at resisting heat and abrasion. In addition,EPR rubber is the interpolymer of ethylene and propylene and it can be divided into Epm rubber and Epdm rubber. It is anti-ozone and can well resist ultraviolet radiation, weather and ageing. However, Epdm rubber sheet which is made of this rubber is not good at resisting oil and abrasion and good at solvent-resistance of keton and ester. According to the information we have mentioned about rubber sheet above, according to the fabrication process, it is divided into structural foam board and free foam board. With the increasing demands of life quality, there are many new type of rubber sheet appearing, such as hypalon rubber sheet, fabric impression rubber sheet and fda rubber sheet.

Hypalon rubber sheet can resist flexibility and cracks, abrasion, ozone, heat and chemical and this kind of rubber sheet can dye easily and absorb water slowly. Fabric impression rubber sheet is a kind of the practical household article at present and it is usually used for sticking on desk, chair, cabinet, door frame and the bottom of sofa. It is to resist sliding. The thicker design of this kind of rubber sheet can protect floor as well. The manufacture standard of fda rubber sheet is strict and it should be non-toxic, healthy and environmental, so that it becomes the best choice for people in production and life.