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  •  SBR Rubber sheetStyrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) is the common varieties   of synthetic rubber, SBR rubber is also one of the first to    achieve industrial production. It is a random copolymer of  butadiene and styrene.The physical mechanism  performance and processing properties close to natural rubber products.Some more excellent properties such as wear resistance, heat aging resistance and cure rate better than natural rubber. Synthetic rubber can mixed with natural rubber or various other rubber and used widely areas for tires, belts, hoses, wire and cable, medical equipment and the production of rubber products and so on. 

  • SBR Rubber Sheet

  • 1. According to whether the insecrtion, can be divided into pure SBR rubber and cloth insert, metal skeleton layer sandwiched sheet and other varieties.

  • 2. According to use, can be divided into industrial rubber sheet and Anti-slip rubber Mat.

  • 3. According to the physical and chemical properties, can be divided into cloth inserct rubber sheet, cloth stick rubber sheet, insulation rubber sheet, oil resistant rubber sheet, acid rubber sheet, anti-corrosion lining and so on.

  • 4. According to the color and surface treatment can be divided into black rubber sheet, green rubber sheet, red rubber sheet, white rubber sheet, yellow rubber sheet, blue rubber sheet, gray rubber sheet, fabric surface rubber sheet, wide rubber sheet and so on.

  • HK INDUSTRY Provide quality SBR Rubber sheet from 2mpa~10mpa, customized performance such as abrasion or low hardness can be supplied.