PVC Strip Curtain - HK INDUSTRY

PVC Strip Curtains are state of the art, outstanding and easy to install product for retaining cold or heat and separating rooms without restricting access of employees or workers.

PVC Strip Curtains solutions are the most cost-effective solutions all over world to protect your storage places & goods from difficult environmental conditions such as heat, cold, noise, dust, humidity and insects, wherever uninterrupted passage is essential.


Standard Smooth PVC Strip Curtains

Transparent, flexible, economical smooth PVC for indoor and outdoor applications from 150°F to -10°F. Made from compounds that meet federal and international requirements for incidental contact with meat,poultry, or dairy products.


Polar Grade PVC Strip Curtains

Softer, more flexible, transparent smooth PVC designed to resist cracking and breaking in freezer applications to -25 °F. Made from compounds that meet federal and international requirements for incidental contact with meat, poultry, or dairy products.


Welding Grade PVC Strip Curtains

Atlas PVC Strip Curtain materials are designed to protect workers from harmful exposure caused by UV flash and welding sparks. Welding curtains protects employees against eye damage and the risk of flame spread while meeting OSHA standards for welding screens.


Anti-Insect PVC Strip Curtains

Impedes the ability for flying insects to identify the door opening by affecting their capacity to sense heat and light. Revolutionary product utilizes Citronella lemongrass scent to repel insects from the door opening. For use in environments from -10° F to 150° F.


Anti-Static PVC Strip Curtains

Anti-Static - reduce the build-up of static electricity caused by people and objects, dissipating it back into the atmosphere, used for data centers, clean rooms, computer component assembly and that areas must be kept safe from uncontrolled electrical charges.


Double Ribbed PVC Strip Curtains

Durable ribbed material reduces scratching from loads passing through opening. Designed for heavy-duty, high-traffic applications in environments from -10° F to 150° F, and made from compounds that meet federal requirements for use in food facilities.