How to keep your Curtain service long time? - HK INDUSTRY

PVC Strip Curtain soft texture, high transparency, good isolation effect, can effectively prevent the loss of cold air and hot air. At the same time to noise, dust, wind, anti mosquito effect, with its own characteristics, widely used in workshop, warehouse, etc. need to isolate the environment, improve work efficiency.

After a long time used, the hardness will be raised and and transparency have also declined ,in order to make it continue service, then we need to clean it, cleaning the dirt on the curtain has a special cleaning agent can not only  remove dirt, sterilization, can increase the transparency of the curtain and delaying the service life of the curtain. 

The use of soft curtain should be kept clean, can be placed in warm water (or adding detergent) for a few minutes, clean with a soft cloth. Soft curtain aging characteristics of strong, especially at the high temperature, avoid contact with fire, chemical or polymer oil and chlorine alkenes.The soft curtain should be cleaned after rain, because rain water containing acidic substances, leading to mildew stain. Soft curtain storage should be in a cool, dark, dry and ventilated place, avoid moisture.